Kunooz Gabbro uses best of the plant machinery available in market,  Kunooz Gabbro has Trio – Weir make 3 stage crushing and screening plant is installed with the installed capacity of 270 TPH.

Kunooz Gabbro engaged 3 numbers of Hydraulic excavators to load blasted Gabbro rocks to the Rock body tippers , Development of new approach roads, making benches and preparation of drilling area for blasting. 4 No’ s Astra make 16 m3 rock body tippers are engaged to haul the blasted Gabbro from quarry to the crushing and screening plant. In house 120 MT capacity weigh bridge is installed to weigh the sales quantities to different customers. 2200 gallon capacity Kamaz truck converted water tanker is engaged for spraying water on the transport roads. Also 5000 Gallon capacity water tanker is hired to store water in the plant for dust suppression system. Site office is established with right qualified staff at all the levels provided with support vehicle to manage the operations professionally.

Several numbers 45 M3 tipper trailers are deployed for delivering products to the several Readymix and Block factories.

Trio – Weir make 3 stage crushing and screening plant is installed with the installed capacity of 270 TPH. Blasted material is hauled and dumped into a 45 M3 capacity rock body hopper.

Grizzly Feeder separates (-) 90 mm and fed into a single deck vibrating screen. The vibrating screen separates the material into (-) 20mm and (+) 20 mm. (-) 20 mm is stockpiled on ground (+) 20 mm is conveyed to bin-I.

Remaining material (+) 90 mm other than that separated by the feeder enters the primary jaw crusher. The jaw crusher C 3254 is operated at CSS of 130-160 mm. The crushed material from the jaw crusher is fed into a surge bin-I of 30 cbm capacity.

The Primary crushed material from the bin-I is fed to a secondary TC66 cone crusher. The cone crusher TC66 is operated at CSS of 28-40 mm. Output of cone fed to a double deck vibrating screen:

  • (+) 45 mm Re-Circulated back to BIN # I for crushing again in CONE TC66.
  • (-) 45 mm (+) 5 mm conveyed to Bin# II
  • (-) 5 mm Product stockpiled on ground
  • (-) 45 (+) 5 mm Product from 30 M3- Bin II is fed to Rock on metal type vertical shaft impactor TV 95.

Crushed product from TV 95 is fed into Triple deck vibrating screen which separates the material into:

(-) 45mm (+) 20 mm, (-) 20 mm (+) 10 mm, (-) 10 (+) 5 mm and (-) 5 mm.  (-) 20 mm (+) 10 mm, (-) 10 (+) 5 mm and (-) 5 mm material is taken out and stockpiled on ground. (-) 45mm (+) 20 mm is fed back to Bin-II for reticulating through vertical Shaft Impactor TV 95. There is an optional conveyor to take out (-) 45mm (+) 20mm.

(-) 45mm (+) 20 mm Re-Circulated back to Vertical shaft Impactor / optional to pull out.

(-)  20 mm (+) 10mm Product stockpiled on ground

(-)  10 mm (+) 5 mm Product stockpiled on ground

(-)  5 mm Product stockpiled on ground.